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    Sector  for  Information  on  Culture
    The site contains a wide range of information addressed to the heads and specialists in the sphere of culture:  cultural life of the Region, news, contents of specialized periodicals, competitions, scholarships, grants for artists, background information for the staff of cultural institutions.

    Regional  Book  Centre
    One can learn about the Centre and its activities for promoting books and reading, for developing interest for book culture in the Region on the site. Among the major events are an annual competition «Book of the Year», meetings with famous writers, actors, scholars. One can also learn about the most important and interesting events concerning books in the country and our Region.

    Regional Centre for the Patent and Technical Information

    On the site: There is detailed information on the services and information resources of the Centre, information on the objects of intellectual property and the rules of their registration, links to Internet resources on issues of copyright protection, and standardization. There is an online service «Virtual Consultation of a Patent Expert».

    Virtual Reference  Service  «Ask a Librarian»

    The site is addressed to the remote users of the Library. In response to their requests visitors can get a list of literature on the topic, information on resources and library services and some advice on how to search the required resources in the Internet.

    American  Reading Room

    The site of the American Corner, which was established in the Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library within a special program of the Department of Educational and Cultural Programs of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, informs on its printed and electronic resources devoted to history, economy, politics, culture of the United States. There is also information on the exchange and educational programs funded by the U.S. Government and American foundations.

    German-French  Reading Room

    The site of the German-French Reading Room, which has been created as a result of a tripartite agreement between the cultural services of the Embassies of France and Germany and the Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library, offers information on its resources and activities. There is some material on significant dates in culture, on scholarships and social and humanitarian grants.

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