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    The collection of the oldest library in the North of Russia takes its origin from the voluntary donations of citizens, authors and publishers who responded to the initiative of the Free Economic Society for the establishment of the first public library in the provincial city of Arkhangelsk. By the time of opening the Library on August 30, 1833, the collection amounted to 317 volumes.
    Today the Library collection is unique; it is the richest universal collection of documents in various formats in our Region. It numbers about 2.4 million copies. The collection includes printed documents and materials on other media (CDs, CD-ROM, slides, video- and audiotapes, gramophone records, etc.), special types of technical documents, rare books and personal collections of prominent countrymen.  

    The Library book collection is about 670 thousand copies. Each year it receives more than 10 thousand of new publications.

    The Library provides users with a wide selection of periodicals, not only new newspapers and magazines but also of pre-revolutionary and Soviet times. The Library periodical collection contains about 270 thousand copies of journals and about 8 thousand newspapers. Each year the Library subscribes to more than 500 periodicals.
    The Library receives and stores all the periodicals published in the Arkhangelsk Region, in accordance with the regional law on a duty copy of published documents.

    The amount of audiovisual and multimedia editions (gramophone records, audio- and videotapes, electronic documents) is about 35 thousand copies. The collection consists of universal and special directories, encyclopedias, educational materials for teaching, engineering, law, art, linguistics, literary studies, etc., Russian and foreign films, music (folk, classical, contemporary music), literary works.

    The Library has a large collection of special types of technical documentation (descriptions of inventions, trademarks, standards, regulatory and technical documents) on paper and in electronic form. The amount of the collection exceeds 1.4 million copies.

    The most valuable collections of the Library are the Local Studies Collection «The Russian North», the Collection of Rare Books and Regional Archive of Duty Copies of documents of the Arkhangelsk Region.

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