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    This section provides a guide to electronic resources of the Internet to help you in finding the necessary information. The guides are devoted to the most frequent and typical questions of the Library users.
    All the Internet-guides are made in Russian. For translation you may use Google Translator.

    The Internet-guide offers resources that provide historical, socio-political, economical, cultural information on the Arkhangelsk Region. The guide does not include commercial or advertising information. Strict selection of resources, their wide geography distinguish this guide from traditional regional web directories.
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    This online guide offers selected directories of web resources that introduce the scientific and educational space of the Internet. Use them as starting points for the search of information. "Electronic Resources" database can be used as a more detailed search tool.
    The Web guide includes annotated links to websites of libraries, centres of science and technology, professional associations. When selecting sites of the Russian libraries we have taken into account the availability of electronic catalogues, databases, and additional services to users. Out of many regional resources, preference is given to major libraries in the North-West of Russia. Foreign countries are represented mainly by national libraries. We also offer web pages that contain lists of library sites.
    The Internet-guide provides links to sites that contain full-text versions of publications: books, monographys, popular science and fiction. It is particularly interesting for students and teachers.
    The Internet-guide presents the sites that contain abstracts of theses. The pages of these sites will inform you on admission to post-graduate educational institutions, general rules and some of the pecularities of writing, presenting and protecting of research, details of the preparation of documents and passing various formalities when defending a thesis.

     C - The Internet-guide provides links to sites that contain statistical information on Russia and foreign countries. It can by particularly interesting for those, who search data archives, follow the dynamics of social and economical changes, compare indexes of different regions of our country and of the world.

    The Internet-guide contains links to the sites that may help in identifying the printed media in the Internet – the most popular newspapers and magazines, as well as some professional periodicals.  
    The Web guide offers links to bibliographic databases of scientific journals (mostly foreign) open for general public. With its help, one can search for the publications in a desired topic using different parameters: names of authors, titles of articles or journals, keywords, etc.  
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    The Web Guide offers links to the selected Russian Internet reference resources. Some of them are original network sources, while others are the electronic analogues of well-known publications.
    This guide helps you find ready scenarios for holidays for all ages, as well as provides individual advice, lyrics, music, contests, toasts, poems. Using these materials, you will be able to arrange an original anniversary or birthday, celebrations, dance, party, etc.
    The Guide contains references to analytical, academical, professional Internet resources devoted to the environment situation in Russia on a whole, as well as of certain industries, and environmental issues.
    There are the most reliable web-sites that help to find one's way in the Global Network.  
    The guide presents selected domestic and international web resources on copyright, patents, technical regulation and metrology.  
    The Guide contains information on the online resources in German and French (literature, music, cinema, health and sports, media, education and scholarships, exchange programs, business information, information for tourists, etc.).  

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