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    Web-site of the Digital Library 'Russian North'
      The Digital Library "Russian North"
     is a public information resource
      and integrated information system for collection and storage of
      documents in digital format, formed by the Arkhangelsk Regional
      Scientific Library in accordance with the Digital Library Concept 
      (in Russian).

      The purpose of the Digital Library is to increase access to unique
      regional documents containing information on the Arkhangelsk
      Region in its historical and current boundaries, 
      and to preserve the documentary heritage of the region
      as part of the cultural heritage of Russia.

    The Digital Library “Russian North” includes:
    • an archive of full-text copies of documents on history and local studies,
    • a combined electronic bibliographic database,
    • web-sites that contain full-text local history documents,
    • electronic editions on CDs/DVDs.

    Access to the resources for remote users is carried out through the dedicated web-site “Digital Library “Russian North”.   It hosts the database  and the following information:
    - electronic copies of the best rare books on the Arkhangelsk Region. Information about every publication contains a brief description and annotation, image of a cover or a title page, a link to file with full text or fragment in pdf (rar) format.
    - the most interesting collections, formed from digitized materials. Currently two collections are represented, these are "M. V. Lomonosov" and "The Digital Library of the Antonievo-Siysky Monastery". New collection "Contemporary chroniclers", including an electronic versions of books and articles on the Arkhangelsk Region written by contemporary authors, will be prepared and published soon.  
    - information on the electronic editions with local studies content issued by the Library and their demo versions.
    - information on periodicals of the Arkhangelsk Region.  Here you can find information about all newspapers and magazines issued in the Arkhangelsk Region in 1838-1945. A full-text electronic archive of the "Arkhangelsk Provincial Gazette" newspaper will be published here soon. A page presents also contemporary local newspapers and magazines having full electronic versions in the Internet: one can find the logos of newspapers, brief information on them and links to their websites where their electronic issues are published.

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