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    This section provides information on electronic databases made by the Arkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library. The databases are created in the integrated library system IRBIS64 and are presented for searching in the Internet through a special module OPAC-IRBIS64.


    DOLIB - Electronic Catalog of Printed Publications (1995-      )
    - NOTI -   Written Music Collection


    Local Studies Catalog "The Russian North" KRAY
    Bibliographic records of books, articles, audio-visual documents, maps and graphic editions, manuscripts of contemporary authors, unpublished documents containing information on the Arkhangelsk Region in its current and historical boundaries, as well as the most interesting and informative material on the neighboring regions of Russia (primarily on environmental issues and historical topics). 
    Digital Library “The Russian North” KRLIB
    Bibliographic description of electronic copies of rare historic documents (books, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts) that are part of the Digital Library of Local Studies «The Russian North», and links to their full texts.

    The Scientific and Technical Potential of the Arkhangelsk Region" PATNT 
    The database created in 2004 contains an annotated bibliography and full-text information on patents and applications for inventions and utility models developed by scientific and industrial workers of the Arkhangelsk Region, as well as information on inventors and innovators.

    Catalog of Articles from from the Arkhangelsk Region Periodicals OEST
    The database was created in October 2008, it includes annotated bibliographic records of articles published in the leading regional, municipal, specialized newspapers and magazines published in the Arkhangelsk Region.
    Northern Scientists for the Environmental Science ECNOR
    Bibliographic description of scientific papers, publications, unpublished papers of scientists and researchers of ecology in the North. Information provided by the Institute of Physiology of the Natural Adaptation of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the General Directorate of Natural Resources and Environment of the Arkhangelsk Region, the Northern Branch of the Polar Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, the Arkhangelsk Institute of Forest and Wood.

    Environmental Service of the Arkhangelsk Region NATUR
    Information on the institutions and organizations of all organizational and legal forms of ownership working in the field of environment protection in the territory of the Arkhangelsk Region. Includes the following information: addresses, lists of main activities, contact information for every environmental organization, institution, separate unit responsible for the environmental issues. There are links to resources of these organizations in the Internet.

    Book Rarities of the Arkhangelsk Region SVKNP
    General electronic catalog contains bibliographic records of rare books of federal and regional significance the only copy of which are owned by the libraries, museums, archives of the Arkhangelsk Region, as well as illustrations and descriptions of the specific characteristics of these rare books.

    Legal Services of the Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk Region JURUS 
    Regularly updated database of public and commercial organizations assisting citizens in legal and social matters. Contains information (address, phone number, list of services) on over 600 organizations. 


    Electronic Resources IRES 
    Annotated descriptions and links to the Russian Internet resources for scientific, educational and professional activities. Thematic content is humanitarian, social, economical and scientific. The database contains links to catalogs of scientific and educational sources that may become the starting point for finding information in many subject areas.

    Scenarios of Public and Professional Celebrations SCEN 
    Bibliographic descriptions and full texts of scenarios for the state, family, school and a public celebrations for adults and children.

    Literature of the Barents Region BEAR
    Bibliographic descriptions of publications, video-, audio-, electronic documents in the Russian and foreign languages, on cooperation in politics, culture, science, art and education in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

    Catalog of Collections KOLL
    Contains bibliographic records for rare books from the Library collection arranged in accordance with some theme, issue, or interest.


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